We provide comprehensive maintenance of HVAC devices starting with the smallest air-conditioning units, i.e. split type, through developed VRV and VRF systems as well as precision air-conditioning cabinets


Within the scope of ventilation, we provide professional maintenance of so called rooftops, supply-exhaust central units, roof and radial fans as well as AHUs.


This department of our company deals with comprehensive maintenance and repair of heating systems.

Flushing and securing the systems

Technical services within this scope include chemical cleaning of systems and devices

Cleaning ventilation ducts

Our company takes care of maintaining good quality of air within industrial, office or public utility buildings by cleaning the air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Measurements, adjustments, expert’s opinions

Maintenance works of air-conditioning and ventilation systems include the measurements of air flow together with adjustment of duct network and air parameters.

HVAC Group

HVAC Group is an organization consisting of 3 companies operating in HVAC sector:

HVAC Service engaged in maintenance and technical service of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, humidifying and cooling systems as well as automatic control systems with BMS;

HVAC Engineering engaged in sales and technical systems and installation of such devices;

and HVAC Technology which since 2016 is a manufacturer of switchgears based on own design for automatic control of HVAC systems based on freely programmable controllers bearing the company’s logo and manufactured by it.

We guarantee

execution of a professional maintenance services at office premises, server rooms, storage halls, sports arenas, malls and other large-area objects.

To satisfy demands of

our Clients, we propose conclusion of a maintenance agreement which ensures:

  • continuous maintenance supervision,
  • quick maintenance response,
  • shortest possible time of repair,
  • reduction of costs of repairs and maintenance.

Companies that trusted us: